First Aid

What is first aid?
Accidents happen. Some accidents will require immediate medical attention, while others can be treated at home with over-the-counter products. Knowing when to go to the doctor because of an injury is important. However, knowing how and when to treat common injuries at home with first aid techniques is also important.

When will I need to use first aid?
Whenever someone gets bumped, scraped, bruised, cut, burned, bitten or suffers a suspected broken bone, you will need to apply some degree of first aid. Many techniques are used to help prevent further injury and/or promote healing. In some cases, 911 will need to be called and first aid may provide benefit until a trained and equipped healthcare provider arrives. First aid can encompass activity that ranges from bandaging a wound to caring for a burn. Click on the link below to learn about how and when to use first aid to care for the following conditions:

First Aid for:

To provide proper care for the injuries listed above, it is important to have a well stocked first aid kit. Click here to learn about what you should have in your first aid kit.

Although knowing how and when to provide first aid care is important; however, preventing accidents in the home is always the best solution. Click here to learn prevention measures for the home.

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