What is heartburn?
Everyone has probably experienced heartburn at some point in time. Actually, about half of adults experience the symptoms of heartburn at least once a month. Click here for more information.

How can I tell if I have heartburn or another illness?

Heartburn symptoms may be similar to the symptoms of other illnesses (like a heart attack). Knowing what symptoms to expect from heartburn versus a heart attack is very important. Click here for more information.

What are some common heartburn triggers?
Symptoms of heartburn can be aggravated or "triggered" by certain foods, drinks, medications and activities. Click here for more information.

How can I eliminate or reduce heartburn symptoms?
Making lifestyle changes can significantly reduce your heartburn symptoms. Click here for more information.

Which over-the-counter medications can I use to treat heartburn?
Over-the-counter (OTC) medications can effectively manage most cases of heartburn. There are three very different types of OTC heartburn medications (antacids, "H2-blockers" and Prilosec OTC®). Understanding the differences between these medications is important when selecting an OTC heartburn medication. Click here for more information.

How can I treat heartburn using prescription drugs?

If OTC treatments are unable to relieve your heartburn symptoms or if your symptoms are persistent and severe, see your doctor. Prescription medications similar to Prilosec OTC® are available. Click here for more information.

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